What are the production capabilities of ROMVOS PACK?

Our production personnel is well trained and experienced, with expertise in the field of labelling; the company has invested in state of the art machinery with automation which can achieve a production capacity of up to 5.000.000 labels per day, as well as quick change over times between jobs.


What is the minimum order quantity of labels ROMVOS PACK can cater for?

Our production line is flexible, in the sense that it can cater for both short run as well as long run orders with quick change over between jobs. Therefore, the minimum order quantity can even be 100 labels, at a very competitive price for the client.


What is the shortest order lead time?

The company can produce and deliver labels within 48 hrs after order placement (this only applies to small and very urgent orders. Order prerequisite: electronic file in editable format).


What types of substrates can ROMVOS PACK print?

The company has the ability to print on a wide range of substrates such as: self-adhesive paper & PP/Pvc, unsupported films like: aluminium foil, PP/PE, as well as non-self-adhesive paper & carton from 90g up to 400g thickness, on wide format from 100mm up to 450mm web width; The company prints from roll to roll, roll to sheets, and roll to finished products.


What is the technology ROMVOS PACK uses?

ROMVOS PACK utilizes the technology of flexography to print Full High Definition labels, which is now the epitome of technology.


How does ROMVOS PACK combine high quality of printing with competitive prices?

The company has invested in its own building facilities and advanced printing equipment with automation, from its own funds, which gives us the competitive advantage to offer the lowest prices in the market combined with the best quality of raw materials from European certified suppliers.